NPR ASIMCO POWDERED METALS MANUFACTURING(YIZHENG)CO,LTD is a Sino foreign joint venture established in October 2013, with a share ratio of 50% for Yizheng yaxinke double ring piston ring (hereinafter referred to as CYPR) and Japan Piston Ring Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NPR). It is established by the former Japan Piston Ring Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NPR) established in April 2006 on the basis of Zhenjiang sole proprietorship seat ring company, It mainly produces valve seat rings. The company is located at No. 18, Kangmin Road, automobile industrial park, Yizheng City, Jiangsu Province, with a total investment of 22 million US dollars and a registered capital of 8.8 million US dollars, covering an area of 24000 m2 and a construction area of 13000 m2. The company introduces NPR's world leading powder metallurgy valve seat ring, conduit material technology, whole process production line and testing line to ensure that the company's products are of the same quality as NPR's global products. The company is a new type of 1p1s material for the newly developed turbocharged direct injection engine in the mainstream of the market, with better performance and lower cost; The world's unique 2p2s and sintered forging materials are better choices for alternative fuels (CNG, FFV, etc.) and seat rings of heavy-duty diesel engines above national 6. At present, the company has 90 employees, more than resident experts in Japan and trained technical and management personnel in Japan. It can provide customers with fast services to adapt to the Chinese market, so as to help customers solve the problems of development process, mass production and after-sales in time.


NPR is one of the earliest listed companies in Japan's stock exchange and one of the world's well-known auto parts manufacturers. It has a long history, leading technology and rich experience. NPR's main products are a series of engine parts such as high-quality iron piston rings, powder metallurgy valve seats, camshaft products and cylinder liners. NPR also has strong advantages in material technology. NPR has five manufacturing enterprises in Japan and several factories in countries and regions outside Japan, such as North America, Europe and South Asia. Its main customers include internationally famous vehicle manufacturers, including Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Hino, Mitsubishi, Daimler Benz, Ford, BMW, Volvo, etc.

CYPR is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, production and sales of various piston rings, powder metallurgy products and other auto parts, with a domestic market share of 25%. It is a "top 500 enterprise in the national machinery industry", ranked among the top 100 in the automotive industry in the comprehensive economic benefit index, and has won the "modern management enterprise" in the machinery industry, the top 100 auto parts suppliers Top ten parts joint venture and other honorary titles. The company has established strategic partnerships with Cummins, Doosan of Korea, PSA of France, Ford of Europe, Nissan, Hino and other international well-known host enterprises, and vigorously carried out non environmental business. Under the harmonious background of the integration of world advanced business philosophy and local characteristics of China, the company takes the global vision of an international enterprise rooted in China, The pursuit of excellent quality as the global driving force.

Main customers of NAPM: Audi, Volkswagen, GM, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Yamaha, GAC, SAIC, FAW, Geely, SAIC, Xichai, Yuchai and Lovol.